Sudhir Sethi is the most successful Indian business person who is the founder and also a chairman of the IDG Ventures India. He knows how technology and innovation are changing the business ecosystem in India and also why the latest technology companies are today’s game changer. This company provides the India focused technology venture capital fund which has increased about 2600 Crore rupees over the last ten years. It has invested about 1700 Crore rupees in this period actually in the swing of the Indian startups. This specific fun has quit from totally 13 startups which are the previous investments including Lenskart, Myntra, Manthan and Hiree. According to the statement of Mr. Sudhir, the Forbes India is currently betting a very big amount on the deep tech startups.


His company is making an investment in the technologies that will be related 5 to 7 years down a line. At the same time, he is a part of the launch team of Wipro’s and HCL’s computer division and shares his own views on the ecosystem of the Indian startups. These are basically the higher valuations of the startups and what stimulates him about the greatest Indian innovation. The most interesting Frontier Tech program is the real innovation over the years and it came to the minds of the people only in the last 3 months of 2016. Robotics has a very big improvement in India and the technology would also come with the new approaches to land the traveler on the moon.