Where to go for Romantic trip this summer?

Planning for a trip on this summer, make it as a romantic one with your spouse to the place where you can spend time along by doing some activities which makes to increase the bonding nature. It will wise to pick the place where you can do some exploring action along by walking and relaxing together. To be frank, to get involved in the romantic vocational activities summer would be the best time to do. Here is the popular destination which many unnoticed to make their romantic trip during the summer seasons. Visiting the Secret Village – Vico Equense in the Italy would be the best destination for young couple who would like to spend time together.

Vico Equense in the Italy

Vico Equense one of city which never came to lime light for travelers so many years, but recently it gaining its attraction among tourists particularly for couples who are about to spend time together peacefully.


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It is one of the coastal towns cited in the southern Italy, Naples. The city is well connected with the mean of road transportation, railroad and as well as the sea routes. The highlight of the city is the presence of wide range of the thermal baths and beautiful spa facilities all over. The entire city is blessed with the sulphurous springs which generally known for its therapeutic properties.

Visiting the crenellated castle, pink clifftop church and ever lashing beach would makes your entire trip filled with various dramas. Visiting the city would makes you to view Bay of Naples.