Many users of WhatsApp throughout the world are surprised with the most recent preparation of the company behind this app to let them share all file types of maximum 128MB, 100MB and 64Mb for iOS, Android and web respectively. This file size would be changed in future.

Every user of this messaging app in recent times gets a notable enhancement in their personal as well as professional lifestyle as awaited. They are willing to be aware of how to successfully use this app and enhance every aspect of their routine works. They can take advantage of this latest update and get a wide range of benefits without any difficulty.

Ever-increasing updates

WABetainfo spotted this roll-out at first and claimed that this support has arrived in many countries including, but not limited to Japan, India, Kuwait and Sri Lanka.  People who use the web version of the mobile app can share only 64MB file.


Once WhatsApp has updated its file sharing elements gradually, users of this messaging app can share files in different formats like APK files and MP3 files. Existing users of this mobile app in recent times share videos and pictures of uncompressed type. A recall feature of this app lets users to undo a message sent and a new status feature for the best WhatsApp Web.

Every update of this messaging app gives more than expected benefits to every user and encourages others to prefer this app for their messaging purposes. The user-friendliness of this app makes every new user more contented than ever.