With the intention of satisfying the users need, the instant messaging app Whatsapp has rolled its new update. The new update with rolled by the firm has started to receive applause all over the users from worldwide. The new update which hits among the users of Android and iOS allows them to share all types of files among their buddies.

More Information about the Latest Update rolled by Whatsapp

According the recent update carried on the instant messaging app, users from android platform can able to shared any types of documents with the size limit of 100MB and similarly for iOS platform users can able to share up to 120MB sized file. In addition to that, the facebook owned messaging platform Whatsapp allows users to view all their stored pictures and video right from their in-app camera option which allows them to share any of their stored files with their buddies in no time.


image: businesstoday.in

Steps taken by the Whatsapp to overcome the complaint

Over the years, users have faced the problem receiving photos or videos in compressed form which leads to quality lose of the files. Now, the firm decided to send the files as it is without compressing them, so here after users can enjoy receiving files with the same quality the sender has.

Also, the firm decided to add few more extra features in their instant messaging application. Now, users can able to get text alignments like bold, italicize or strikethrough by holding the text after tapping that particular text on their message.