WhatsApp Fined $ 3mn for sharing data with Facebook in Italy

US-based mobile texting service, WhatsApp, was penalized 3 million Euros (3.3 thousand dollars) on Friday in Italy for inadequate visibility on data sharing with its parent company, Facebook.

WhatsApp was taken over by Facebook in 2014 and two years later, it presented new terms and conditions and online privacy policies that provided Facebook access to WhatsApp users’ information.


Image: dailytrust.com.ng

In Dec, the European Commission, which manages antitrust matters in the EU, released a study into Facebook’s perform prior to the WhatsApp acquisition.

The EU professional charged Facebook of misleadingly informing the commission that it could not efficiently incorporate its own users’ information with that of WhatsApp.

However, Facebook declined any wrongdoing and guaranteed to clarify its activities.

The commission said it could punch a fine of up to 1 % of yearly revenues, around 280 million dollars if it is dissatisfied by the internet giant’s answers.