What to wear to your dream job interview


A formal dress


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An A-line dress which fits you properly can be one of the best choice for a dream job interview. If you are going for a corporate company interview then make sure there are no floral prints on the dress. You can match it up with a scarf or some trendy accessories to enhance your look.

Skirt and suit


Image source: humanresources.about.com

A well stitched or fitted pencil skit with a jacket is another preferable thing to wear on a job interview. When choosing a skirt, consider choosing a straight fit skirt that come till your knee or below the knee. You can experiment on the top that you wear below the jacket, but then make sure it matches well. You can also add a bow tie or a scarf to the attire.

Pant and suit


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An attire that can never go wrong is a pant with a suit. These usually come in dark or dull colors. Choose a color that suits your complexion. Many a times a simple suit and pant can be boring. So you can make it attractive and trendier by teaming it up with a nice top or a lacy camisole.

A formal top with skirt or pant


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Another option that you have for wearing in an interview is that of a skirt and a formal top or shirt. But it is important that you choose a nice blouse so that the formal look is maintained. A colorful scarf can enhance the look of a skit and a top. Here you can do away with the jacket.

Formals with creative prints


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Well if you are going for an interview in a creative agency and if you are sure that they have no particular dress code, then you can go for some prints and colors while picking your interview clothes. A printed trouser or shirt, with some trendy footwear can be a nice option.