What makes Narendra Modi the best PM?

India has experienced around 14 Prime Minister before the current Prime Minister Mr. Modi ji sworn as the PM of the nation in 2014. All those former Prime Minster of India has their own set of policy and strategy while approaching the goal of meeting the development and growth rate.

Speciality of Mr. Narendra Modi

Before becoming the PM of the nation, he was the chief minister of the Gujarat state during the time period 2001 – 2014. The biggest positivity seen in modi is he is truly goal oriented and never believed in the false promises. Ever since, he sworn as the PM of India, he traveled around 3.4 lakh kilometers and visited over 60 foreign countries in 3 years for boosting the Indian economic and to develop the bilateral relationship between India and with those countries. And recently he leaves country on 6 day tour to 4 European countries Germany, Spain, Russia and France.


Image: jumbleboo.com

Some Factors which makes him as Best PM of India

  1. His stand on Divisive Politics

Though, there have been around 90 massacres and hundreds of riots happened in India after the independence. The Gujarat state under the leadership of Modi is the only state to set up a court to investigate and jain the culprits who are the reason behind the controversial Godhra Riots in 2002. Also he managed to control the situation within 72 hours.

  1. Development Champion

All the promises delivered by him during the 2014 Lok Sabha election have been implemented. According to the economic survey, ‘Make in India’ initiatives increased inflow to about 40%.

  1. Pradhanmantri Jivan Jyoti Bima

It is the cheap insurance policy for all people in between the ages 18 to 50. With the yearly premium of just Rs. 330, insurance coverage would be around Rs. 200,000.

  1. Smart Cities Constructions

Just like he did in Gujarat, Modi has planned about constructing 100 smart cities all over the countries under the governance of Ministry of Urban Development.