Well, the entire world is changing on daily basis and it important for all keep matches with the latest amendments. For businesses it’s vital for stay tune with the latest updates in the industry. When compared with all the industries the Indian IT sectors seem to be lacking to match with the digital future.

Necessity of adapting to the change quickly

When the first glimmer of the digital appeared the companies Kodak and Fuji found themselves in the inevitable situation as they fails to be update with the modern changes in the late 90s. Similar to that, the current IT firms of the nation is not willing to get adapt to the current situation. Instead of sticking with the traditional model, IT firms of India must undergo certain radical overhaul operation in order to make themselves matches with the future need digitalization.


Digital Future

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Here are the to do list for Indian IT firms to get themselves to better position

  1. Get into Impulsive Contract:

Instead of holding high amount of cash piles, IT companies might think about slapping right acquisition in digital aspects. Though the companies like Wipro and Infosys move on to accumulate their acquisitions by purchasing Appirio and Panaya respectively, surprisingly the Indian tech giant TCS haven’t initiated any such operations so far.

  1. Acquiring Consulting Skills quickly

As the global IT market is moving towards the new methods of handling End-to-end solutions with clients by contacting with the transnational projects, owing to that the top self IT companies manages to yield around 30 – 40 percent growth. However, Indian IT firms needs to move in that direction with right training’s of their workers.

  1. Get Trained in New Technologies

The most important to do list for IT firms in India is to train their workers to the latest technologies like DevOps, Advanced RPA’s and Hadoop instead of depending upon the C, C++ and Java which is often considered as the old school syllabus in the development field.