Every child must be taught to be good at being social, being an active participant in a community and navigate relationships on time. All parents get much difficulty to raise their bright children in this digital age. If we teach the kids today, then such teaching makes differences in 20 years. There are loads of changes and challenges in the current parenting culture. This culture does not set kids up in the most excellent manner.

Train your kids properly

As parents, we train our kids to do what our computers do. This spit back facts leads to several problems in future. Do not forget that computers go to be better than human beings. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek is a qualified developmental psychologist and an experienced professor at Temple University. She is also a co-author of the book namely Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us about Raising Successful Children.

Many kids these days are not going to be the best at being social, citizens in the community and navigating relationships. It is the most suitable time to change the definition of what success in and out of school.

Six Cs

Hirsh-Pasek and her co-author namely Roberta Golinkoff from the University of Delaware have faith in that kids must be assessed in six Cs as Confidence, Creative innovation, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Content and Communication.


image: catchnews.com

Confidence is mandatory in teaching kids to take only safe risks. Creative innovation is vital to make something new and beneficial. Critical thinking is what you do with content. Collaboration is very important at home and in the classroom and teaches every child to get on with every other. Content plays an important role in terms of successful and successive learning. A selection of which content to learn among an array of options is vital.  Communication includes, but not at all limited to listening, reading, speaking and writing.