Volkswagen Tiguan: Things We Like And Things We Don’t

The must awaited Volkswagen Tiguan which the showcased in the Auto Expo conducted in 2016 has finally launched in India last month. The muscular vehicle comes with two price variants, the comfort line starts at Rs. 27.98 Lakh and the elegant highline price starts from Rs. 31 Lakh.

Though the price tag of the newly launched Tiguan by the Volkswagen seems to be higher when compared with other competitive brand vehicles, the inclusion of the extra and value added features of the Volkswagen Tiguan justifies the price tag fixed by the manufactures. After being released in the Indian land surface, Here are the likes and don’t likes factor which mostly judged by the auto lovers of the nation


Things Which Many Likes from Volkswagen Tiguan

  1. Comfortable price tag for the luxury brand quality vehicle
  2. Quality rock solid deign along by the classy look of the vehicle
  3. Quality equipments listed the vehicles
  4. Elegant interior look and very spacious
  5. Customized Driving mode which includes Four-Wheel Driving System
  6. Well refined Engines

Thing which are not like by many on Volkswagen Tiguan

  1. Gives the senses of being all Volkswagen, fails to provide special feeling
  2. Navigation can be improved, especially the touch screen resolution
  3. Steering and Brakes Can be more responsive
  4. Similar Interior designs found in other Volkswagen models

On overall, the new launch of the Volkswagen Tiguan is a highly compact SUV model offering more versatile benefits in SUV along with the sleek stylish appearances.