Vodafone offers 10 GB 4G data at the price of 1GB


Telecom major Vodafone India has now launched a new data pack offer. Under this offer the customers who are connecting with a new 4G handset will be given a benefit of getting 10GB data at the cost of 1GB for a period of three months.

Details about the offer

Coming as a reaction to the Reliance Jio effect, Vodafone has introduced this offer. All the customers who have a new 4G smartphone will be offered the benefit of 10GB data at the same cost of 1GB data. By a new 4G smartphone the companies refers to a device (mobile phone) which has not used Vodafone network in the past six months. So basically the customers with new smartphones can just pay for 1GB Vodafone data and get the extra 9GB data for free of cost. And this will be valid for a period of 3 months.


Image source: bbc.com

The company has said that the customers can avail this offer till the 31st of December and it will be applicable for both prepaid and postpaid customers. Some specification made by the company are as follows-

Customers from Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata will have recharge for 1GB or above to avail the benefit of extra 9GB at a 4G speed. And this offer will be limited to the 4G network users only.

And customers from Uttar Pradesh (West), Uttar Pradesh (East), Haryana, Karnataka, Gujarat, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra & Goa, Assam, North East states, and Rajasthan will get the additional 9GB data at 3G speed and this can be availed between 12am and 6am daily. These customers have to recharge for 1GB or more to get the extra 9GB benefit. But then even here the offer would be applicable to the 4G smartphones users only.

The cost of 1GB data of Vodafone is Rs.250 and is valid for 28 days, so to get the additional 9GB you have to recharge with an amount of Rs.250 or above. The company has announced that they would not allow the combination of multiple offers; one has to separately subscribe in order to get access to Vodafone Play.

The company has stated that this launch of theirs is to promote the use of 4G devices in this festive season. They want more and more customers to upgrade to 4G smartphones and then enjoy the benefits of Vodafone Super Net. The website of Vodafone has all the details about the eligibility of phones for this offer.