Vivo V5 S Review

Originating from Vivo’s current V5 range, the V5s does not carry any step-by-step update. You basically get a unibody phone with a U-type aerial style that allows maintaining the rear panel neat. As has been the case with other Vivo mobile phones, the V5s also features a slim form factor and quite a comfort and ease designed overall.


The new Vivo V5s looks similar to the Vivo V5 Plus, which isn’t bad considering that it offers for less. With a good set of requirements and a 20-megapixel front side camera, the Vivo V5s creates for an excellent mid-range handset.

One of the most important deal breakers about this phone could be the HD display quality at this cost. In addition, there is a screen protector fixed on it out-of-the-box which some individuals might like and others might not. Overall, the Vivo V5s handled to thrill us in conditions of style though it can’t coordinate the strong experience of the Vivo V5 Plus.