The visit of India’s Prime Minister Mr. Modi to United States has turn out to be a fruitful thing as the US President Mr. Donald Trump announced the support over the India’s bid on becoming a permanent member of UNSC (United Nation Security Council) and NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group).

Over the years, India taking all possible political efforts to gain is position in UNSC and NSG. As many developed countries backed the India’s bid the neighbor country China is strongly opposing the move. After the meeting in-between the two nation’s leader, the President Trump announced confirmed the support of US on India’s bid on becoming permanent member of UNSC and as well as the NSG.

On responding to the announcement made by the President Trump, Mr. Modi thanked the president and conveyed that the move taken by the US will be beneficial for both nations in future. On the other hand, the china continued to oppose the India’s bid of becoming a member in the elite group of NSG where the elite group already has 48 members in it.

The reason which mainly highlighted by the China on its opposition is accepting the NON-NPT states into the Nuclear suppliers group. India is a non-NPT state, following the act of India’ proposition another neighbor country Pakistan applies their interest of becoming a member of NSG club.


The NPT states are referred as the Non-Proliferation Treaty which is an international treaty with the intention of nuclear expansion all over the world. Since, the treaty formed after the Word War II only the wining power 5 countries on that war can hold the nuclear war and no other can hold the nuclear power. As Indian tested its first nuclear power on 1970s, if it signed NPT literally it will be non-nuclear weapon nation. Sharing about 7500 Km of border on nuclear power countries Pakistan and China it’s not possible for India to sign NPT.