As the entire world is closely monitoring the ongoing Gulf diplomatic crisis, United States of America has recently signed a deal of sealing $12Billion for purchasing F-15 fighter Jets with Qatar. The recently act of contracting with Qatar by the US; have raised several mixed messages in and around Gulf regions.

Diplomatic Crisis on Qatar

Few weeks before, several gulf countries has severed their political relationship with the Qatar by accusing the nation by providing financial support to several terrorists groups and extremists in the gulf regions. Owing to that ban, Qatar faced severe blow especially after the ban of Qatar Airways which literally blocked the entire operation on gulf region. Qatar suffers from heavy blow due to inability of export or import; by the way Iran aided their help by sending few full packed ships and plans with food stuffs as relief.

On responding to that diplomatic shutdown against the Qatar by the gulf countries, the US president Mr. Trump tweeted as a welcome move by the gulf countries as they should control terror activities with strong hands. However, the US secretary of state Rex Tillerson remained silent and stays neutral in this diplomatic ban against Qatar.

Recent Deals signed by US

The most highlighting issue with the deal of US and Qatar on purchasing F-15 fighter jets is, the deal made followed by the US and Saudi deal of almost $110 billion on sharing weapons in-between the nation.


Meanwhile, apart from those deals and contracts the United States of America has dispatched its two Navy vessels to Qatar’s fleet for joint training operations. The news has been confirmed by the Ministry of Defense. However, there has been no information about whether the training has been planned before the political rift in gulf countries of after the occurrence of the rift in the Middle Eastern countries.