UK Polls robs Conservatives of Majority

The wait for the results of UK’s 2017 general election gets over and the results are turns out to be a heavy blow for the current ruling party conservatives. They loses the majority seats with few seats, meanwhile on the other hand the opposition Labour party manages to get higher number of seats when compared with previous election results.

2017 UK’s General Election Results                                                                                                

With the need of 326 seats for the majority wins, none of the political parties manages to attain those numbers. When compared with previous election results, the ruling conservatives losses around 13 seats and managed to wing only 318 seats. And the opposition Labour party grabs 261 seats in 2017 election which is 29 seats greater when compared with previous results.

What’s next?

As the 2017 general election results pointing towards the formation of hung government in United Kingdom, the current Prime Minister Therasa May has no plan of resigning her position. However, the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn urged May’s resignation upon the polling results, but the ruling party ensures the stability in the UK’s government.


Reactions from the leaders upon the polling results

The SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon quoted that the people losing their trust on their current Prime Minister May, and she should respect the results by resigning her position. She also quoted that the results of general elections turns to be a disaster for Therasa May.

Paul Nuttall the leader of the UK Independence Party tweeted as the decision of calling the general election pretty earlier by the Prime Minister Therasa May is a disaster and especially after putting Brexit in jepopardy.

As many political experts and analysts predict that the results of the general elections polls might leads to the UK’s negotiation with EU on Brexit. The current PM of UK Mrs May was decided to stand against the Brexit last year and now things will be a U-turn for her.