UK Election Earthquake, PM Theresa may loses Parliamentary Majority after Left wing surge

As unexpected results, the ongoing election poll might force the current prime minister of Britain Therasa May to resign her position. As far the news collected from the trustable sources from United Kingdom, the current ruling party Conservative Party may fail to retain its position.

Miscalculation done by the May

May’s gamble of calling for polls pretty early than the desire period now turns the table against the ruling Conservative party. With respect to the results of the exits polls which recently conducted in UK shows that none of the party gains the majority to claim the government. It will be a hung government in UK, all because of the May’s misjudgment. Political analysts point the decision taken by the current United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Therasa May as one of the biggest political error seen in the Britain history.


Polling Results

The results of the 2017 general elections of the United Kingdom seems to be humiliating for the Therasa May who holds the position of Prime Minster of the nation and also responsible for early election in the state.

Here are the projected results of the UK’s 2017 general elections, the ruling Conservative parties might grab around 316 seats, meanwhile the opposition party Labour  is expected to get around 265 which is good numbers when compared with previous results, on other hand SNP and Liberal parties might win around 34 and 13 seats respectively.

With need of 326 seats for majority win and to form the government, now the predicted results suggest no party would avail the majority seats. Owing to the impact of the polling results, the British pound loses its status to U.S dollar; with the fall over of 1.6 percent investors are experiencing their hard times due to the prevailing uncertainty situation in United Kingdom.