Uber partners with DigitalGlobe for global satellite imagery


Uber has signed a multi-year partnership with DigitalGlobe in order to provide a better experience for both drivers and riders of Uber. DigitalGloe is an America based space imagery and geospatial content company which also operates civilian remote sensing spacecraft.


Image source: www.thejakartapost.com

Uberhas tied up with DigitalGlobe so that Uber could get better and high resolution satellite imagery, which would be very helpful for the Uber drivers and riders as well. With this partnership, Uber will use the sensors of DigitalGlobe in order to access imagery and location intelligence.

DigitalGlobe announced this partnership with Uber through a blog post. The company praised Uber for the convenience that it has been providing to the travelers.

The details about the terms and conditions of the agreement and financial details have not been disclosed. But reports say that Uber will use the technology of DigitalGlobe in order to access location intelligence and images. These images and location intelligence will help in the identification of the pick-up and dropping points. This will be beneficial to the drivers of the Uber cabs, and to the customers as well.


Image source: www.ibtimes.ph

DigitalGlobe can scan the world with high resolution images with total accuracy. Uber will be highly benefited from this satellite imagery. With this technology the ride-sharing service of Uber will become more efficient and finding exact locations will become easier.

In the last few months Uber has been making major efforts in improving the services of the company, especially in terms of safety. Also Uber has introduced a notification system that will be sent to riders after every ride, with the details of their ride and the exact amount that they need to pay. The partnership with DigitalGlobe is yet another step in providing better and advanced experience to its customers and drivers. The locating of pick-up and dropping points will become much more convenient.