Compared with past presidents, researchers and governmental experts say, Trump’s greatest changes include ripping down companies and guidelines rather than creating new ones. In doing so he has not only taken apart guidelines designed to secure customers, employees, and the surroundings. Said by Wayne Grossman, he is the executive director of the American Historical Association, presenting nothing less than “a different strategy to govt.”

While the new US president has shown an opportunity to change both his overall tone and his roles, Trump has fought to express a clearly articulated worldview.

As the representational landmark of his 100th day in power, which falls on Saturday, draws near, a cold, hard truth is establishing for the millionaire business owner who promised Americans he would “win, win, win” for them.

The US, President Donald Trump said during his strategy, could no longer manage to be the world’s police officer. On the stump, he also ignored primary alliances in Europe and Asia, raged at business pacts, criticized international organizations such as the UN and trash-talked allies (Mexico) and opponents (China) as well.

But since his inauguration, Trump has continuously changed course on those methodologies and lots of others.

The 70-year-old Trump, whose selection success revealed a governmental shock wave around the world, is still holding to the take-no-prisoners, unforeseen, energetic style that made him a property mogul and TV star.


With respect to North Korea, President Trump has set out a new plan, which is designed to stress North Korea into taking apart its nuclear, ballistic missile, and growth programs by shrinking economic penalties and pursuing diplomatic actions with U.S. allies and regional partners.

Over these first 100 days, the United States under President Trump has revealed powerful management within the international community and that the United States will continue to take the lead on the international level.