President Donald Trump wrestles with challenges at home and abroad. However, he is wrestling with CNN on Twitter. He has 33 million followers in his personal twitter account. He posted WWE broadcast video with 28-second duration. This video was edited to reveal Trump is beating up a man with a logo of CNN on his face.

The most-shared posts

The official @POTUS account re-tweeted the tweet of Trump to its 19 million followers within a short time. It is one of the most re-tweeted and most-shared posts of the President ever.

Sunday marked acceleration in the ongoing war of Trump against the news media in particular CNN.

As a frequent CNN viewer, Trump lashes out at the coverage of the network on a regular basis. Even though some of his fans laughed when they watch this video, many people rolled their eyes. Members of the media take this issue very seriously and faced threats for their reporting.

Hateful conduct

Some users of Twitter sent a report to the social networking company Twitter about this video violated the terms of service of the company prohibiting the hateful conduct. However, Twitter said it identified that the tweet does not violate the terms of the service.


CNN called this tweet by President is a bad moment when the President of the United States made violent behavior in front of reporters.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the deputy press secretary of Trump revealed that the president does not encourage violence in any aspect at any time. The CNN statement said that clearly Sanders lied.