Trump offers help on London terror attack

On supporting the British government and to offer help, the U.S President Mr. Donald Trump tweeted supportive messages to Londoners after the suspected terror attack on London few days ago.  Also he promoted his act of implementing the travel ban and also suggested such initiatives for the British government too.

Terror Attack in London

Few days before the central London experienced the twin attack which is suspected to be a terror attack by the Britain police. One incident held at the London Bridge where a van ran over the pedestrians and also in nearby the borough market area multiple stabbings taken place and it happened followed by the bridge incident. On both the case more than 20 innocent people had lost their lives.


Followed by those two incident, the London police have quoted the third incident which held in the southern part of the city Vauxhall, however, it was later ruled out from the contest of suspected terror attack in the city.

Trump’s Tweet

In response to those twin terrors attack the U.S president Mr. Trump offered the full support of the U.S government to the Britain on counterattacking the terror plot. He also added that governments are in need of smart, vigilant and tough initiatives to act against such terror attacks on the innocent public. Also in order to boost the safety level of the citizens, tough rules like travel ban needs to be implemented and courts should not block the government’s initiatives against the terror attacks to provide safety to the public.

After the statement released by the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa by quoting the attack as the potential terror attack, the U.S president Mr. Trump offers support by tweeting

“U.S government will also ready to provide all potential help at any time, god bless”

The stand of U.S state Department on the U.K Terror Attack

The U.S state department has pointed that terror attack as the cowardly one which caused several innocent lives. The state department official spokesmen Mr. Sean Spicer quoted the words of Mr. Trump as “All the Americans will stand with U.K citizens without any dispute on this terror attack”.

He also added that the state department of U.S is closely monitoring the issues and situations prevails in United Kingdom and offers its advises to the local authorities of U.K on security awareness. In addition to that, he requested Americans in UK to seek security awareness from the U.S embassy in UK and to act accordingly for their safety.