Trump lashes out at London Mayor again

Well, it’s known fact that the current United States president Mr. Donald Trump has been active in social media especially tweeting on the political scenarios. Recently, Donald trump has once again lashes out the current Mayor of the London Mr. Sadiq Khan in this tweet by accusing him for making a “pathetic excuses” after the devastation twin terror attack held in London few days ago.


Mr. Trump’s tweet on Terror Attack

Following the twin terror attack in London, Mr. Trump tweeted the necessity of increasing the safety issues like imposing the travel ban. Also he tweeted as courts must seek proper justice on applying the travel ban and not to interfere on the actions of the government over the citizen’s safety issues.

Twitter Battle

Responding to the Trump’s tweet Mr. Khan the current mayor of the London has expressed his view by quoting no need to raise the alarm as the entire situation in under control. And the citizens of the London will witness the increased police protection for the next few days and this will reduce the tension. The response from Mr. Khan highly pointed to the Trump’s travel ban promoting in the social media.

However, following the tweet of the London Mayor, Trump quoted it as the “Pathetic Excuses” and also added that the mayor has to think fast instead of pointing the issues as “no reason to be alarmed”. Trump’s recently tweet clearly pictures the mischaracterized over Khan’s remark on the London terror attack.

Comments from British Prime Minister Theresa

While raising the issues (social media’s view on Trump and Khan’s post) to the British PM Theresa in a news conference, she conveyed that Mr. Sadiq Khan is doing a good job and nothing it wrong to say right now.

On the other hand, the spokeswomen of while house Sarah Sanders clears the issues as Trump was not with any such intention to pick fight with any person under any circumstances in social media especially with the London Mayor. Also she added that the media is pushing it to high and wants to spin the matter to different way.

Meanwhile, on responding to the question raised by on reporter “Whether Trump criticize Mr. Khan because of being a Muslim?” Sanders replied as “It’s utterly ridiculous”.

Reacting to the recent terror attack in London, the British authorities have named around 3 suspects being linked with the attack. Those 3 were shot dead by the police within few minutes after they drove their vehicle over the pedestrians on the London Bridge.