Donald Trump’s is current elected president of united state of America. During the election conversations Donald was charges many time that he has good terms with Russian President Vladimir Putin even both leaders agreed that US and Russian relations were totally unsatisfactory.

This happen because of a 3 year old tweet of Donald Trump’s in which he said he want to meet Vladimir Putin. But after this post become viral became the viral Donald Trump’s denied knowing Russia’s Vladimir Putin. 

Even the Mrs. Clinton has earlier lay blame on Mr. Trump of being too cozy with Vladimir Putin and asks him about his business interests in Russia.

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According to reports it is said that President Donald Trump has supposedly held at least two phone conversations with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin after being elected over Hillary Clinton more than two weeks ago. But according to Mr. Donald Trump’s he has no good terms with the Vladimir Putin

But opposite to all this Russian President Vladimir Putin comments that Donald Trump is the complete leader of the presidential contest.

According to him the A better relationship between the two countries can be establish and would benefit both the Russian and American peoples.