Trump Fires FBI Chief Comey and initiated the political firestorm

The current US president Mr. Donald Trump recently terminated the FBI director Mr. James Comey as per the recommendations of the current deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein and also Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Mr. James Comey is the responsible person on handling Clinton’s email issues and also he plays a significant role on to showcase whether the members of the trump campaign during the past presidential election involved any ties with any Russian diplomat. Also, there has been unofficial news citing that the investigation over the Russian involvement in US presidential election has reached a significant point. The reputation of the FBI director Comey’s gets tarnished when he stepped into the issues related with the 2016 presidential election campaign.

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Well, while looking back the history similar kind of incident happens during the period of Bill Clinton rule on 1993, he dismissed the FBI director Mr. William Sessions due to the improper financial regularities. Though there’s no proper public announcement from the democrats over the termination of the comey, yet it has been widely believed that it might be happened because of the Russia probe.

Many of the US democrats blamed Comey over this action of re-opening of the Clinton’s just 11 days before the presidential elections cost the presidency race for the former secretary of state Clinton. Meanwhile, Trump referred the criticism of democrats forced him to do such thing against the FBI director. He also tweeted that “Democrats have said something worst against Comey, and also insist the fact of firing him”