Trump calls Saudi King and urges for Gulf Unity

Following the political dispute in between the gulf countries and with the Qatar, the United States President Trump has urged the necessity of the unity among the gulf countries. The statement from the white house came a day after the gulf countries Egypt, Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia implemented the diplomatic cut over the neighbor country Qatar.

Phone Call from President Trump to Saudi King Salman

On Wednesday, the U.S President  Donald Trump spoke with the Saudi kind Salman and urged the importance of united gulf co-operations council and also as far as the news reveled by the statement of white house, Trump also discussed about the possible ways of facing the terrorism and the methods to handle for promoting the stability in the gulf region.

Diplomatic Blockage on Qatar

The blockage on the small neighbor Qatar by the several Middle East countries carried by pointing the Doha the capital city of Qatar is supporting the terror groups and Extremism by financially. The gas rich country Qatar faced all possible shut down by several Muslim countries. Especially the blockage of Qatar Airways will be the heavy blow.

United States Continuous its communication with its Gulf Allies

It seems like the United States are to be close with their allies in the middle east countries, the statement released by the white house after the diplomatic crisis in gulf region clearly states that the US is keen on resolving the issues and to restore the peace co-operation among the middle east countries.


The white house press secretary Sean Spicer has quoted in an new conference that the Mr. Trump had certain severe conversation with the officials of Emir of Qatar on his recent visit to Riyadh. Following which the diplomatic shutdown carried by several Muslim countries on Qatar.

On the other hand, the state department spokesperson Heather Nauert has conveyed that the Qatar has taken the strong initiatives to stop all the ways of financing to terror groups and also started its prosecution over the financiers and all possible legal actions against the process of offering financial help to terror groups and extremists. She also added that the relationship between the Qatar and the U.s is still on stronger side and we will continue to support and co-operate with Qatar along with other Middle East countries to fight against the terrorism and the extremisms.