Trump asked me to lay off Russia Probe: Comey

James Comey who recently sacked from the FBI director position from the U.S president Trump has interfered into the FBI’s investigation of Russia’s involvement in U.S presidential election which held recently. Also he added that Trump asked to lay off Russian probe over the involvement of ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn.

On adding to that, he also quoted as his involvement in the Russian probe leads to his termination from the FBI director post according to his own judgment on analyzing the current scenario.


Comey reports to Senate Intelligence Committee

In front of the 15 senators array, former FBI director Comey take down president Trump directed him to drop the charges on Flynn also not to investigate the phone conversation made in-between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

While quoting the trump’s involvement Comey described that trump asked as “I can able find the way to let Flynn go from the investigation by adding that he is a good guy”. For which comey replied by mentioning only as “he is a good guy” and never included the words as “I would let this go” or “Flynn will be free from investigations”.

James Comey also pointed that he was not very comfortable after experiencing the U.S president’s behavior. In fact, he said Trump’s administration spreads the untrue news, or over hyped issues to public with the intention of diverting the people’s attention to other ways. During the period of being FBI director under the Trump’s administration bureau was completely disorder and never under control of me, said by comey on before the 15 member Senate Intelligence Committee.

The most highlighting issue would be the acceptance of Russian’s involvement in the recently held U.S presidential election by James comey the ex-director of FBI on before the senate committee members.