Having a sister is a blessing beyond doubt and there is no bond like a bond with a sister.  The sister relationship only involves shared secrets, shared genes and shared upbringing. You will experience full of emotions, excitement, nervousness and happiness just before she gets married.  You will wish her to live a pleased life with the man of her dreams.

  1. You are traumatized

You are traumatized when your sister is getting married because she is leaving. You will get no one to share secretes and discusses about everything you like. You and your sister have spent the entire lives together. If she goes to move out, then this situation will leave a hole in your heart. You cannot see her everyday and share everything like before.

  1. You are satisfied

You have your own room when your sister leaves it for her marriage and the new life with her spouse. You will be keen to occupy the overall closet space and do everything as per your wish in your own room. You will get 100% satisfaction and privacy as expected.

  1. You are excited

You are excited when your sister is getting married. This is because loads of shopping issues for the wedding together with her. You will be excited and encouraged to spend your time throughout the wedding shopping. Even though you are happy that your sister moves to the next phase of her life, you are also sad due to loss of regular companion and the one who understood the family drama.

  1. You are panicked

You are panicked when your sister is getting married and no one is there to cover for you.  If you come home later, do anything your parents dislike or disobey rules specified by parents, then you cannot get covered from anyone in future.


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  1. You are showered with gifts

You will get gifts from your beloved kith and kin when your sister is getting married. You are keen and happy to demand whatever you want because wedding of your sister. Every guest in the wedding tells you that you are next to get married. You will be frustrated with this issue and eager to think about your marriage. You will spend your time to arrange and execute the entertainment program in the wedding event.