1. Marigot bay


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Actually Marigot bay is the most popular and famous bay in St Lucia and it is viewed from vista point. Harbor is too deep and many of the people are willing to visit this place because it is having wonderful scenery.

  1. Ride the chairlift


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In a morning time people can take the ride in chairlift because that time only most of the birds are come out. This city is also having more numbers of the city attractions so that people can visit this city along with their friends or family members.

  1. Go to the church


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In fact St Lucia city is most famous for church and people are visiting church because it is also considered as the spiritual place. Church is decorated with the more numbers of the paintings and it is the best place to visit with your friends. There are plenty of festivals are happened in this city which is sufficient to know about the city culture in detail.

  1. Visit pigeon Island National park


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St Lucia city is having excellent pigeon Island National park and it is the best place for travelers because it is having huge collections of the pigeon. This city is also conducting the art festival which is useful to explore the 18th century art sceneries.

  1. Sulfur springs park


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Sulfur Springs Park is billing as the “only drive in volcano” which mean people can safely drive in the active volcano. This mountain is located at the western town and it is the best park in this city.