1. Coffee tours


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A tour of the coffee farm and processing facility is an excellent way to fulfill your curiosity. It describes the source of your morning cuppa and also gives an introduction to the culture as well as Tico history. Before it was takeover by tourism, this coffee was a drive force of the economy in the Costa Rica.

  1. Canopy tours


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Over the past decades, the canopy tours have a growing popularity among the tourists. It is a gondola, naturalist educational trip and zip line thrill ride through the treetops.

  1. White water


Image: anywherecostarica.travel

This white water can abound in the Costa Rica, rafting in while water is world famous entertainment. Most of the places in Coast Rica are covered by the rain forest that increases from the Single Ocean to 12, 000 feet and then drop back to the sea level within the space of 70 miles. The trips to white water will definitely meet all your interests and ability levels. This will grab a huge attraction from the visitors.

  1. Volcano watching


Image: billbeardcostarica.com

The volcano watching is really very thrilling in the Costa Rica. The lava has stopped the flowing Arenal is still attractive as well as the premier destination. You can also enjoy more impressions in the country as well.

  1. Surfing and windsurfing


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The breaks in Costa Rica are rightly and world renowned. Inland, Lake Arenal has an average wind speed of 24 mph and balmy water of 66 to 71 degree F and 19-21 degree C. The rental lessons and equipment are available for both kinds of board sport.