1. Travel around the continents unique flavors and taste


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In fact Cape Town is offering the audacious eaters tastes which are coming from the African continent like Samp, marog and spongy injeras. The most popular African food is available at the Marco’s African place. People might explore the cape Malay food because it is coming from the local spectrum.

  1. Try to visit cape peninsula


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Actually table mountain national park is the best park in the world and it is also having excellent cape point and beaches. In fact cape peninsula is the best home to the African penguin colony and people can visit this place with their family members.

  1. Know about the South African history


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Many of the people are interested to visit the district six museums and Robben Island because it is offering the history about African. District six lays is the best award winning community and it is declared as the “whites only”.

  1. Find out the cape jazz rhythm


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Actually Cape Town jazz scene is the most important part of heritage and this city is having rich jazz rhythm. There are more numbers of the jazz festivals are happened at Cape Town so that people might thoroughly enjoy.

  1. Visit the art scene in Cape Town


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Devil’s peak is the best Cape Town art center and it is having plenty of art galleries so if you are an art lover then you must visit this place with your family members. It is having local contemporary scene which is sufficient to know about the art culture.