Top 5 female rocks stars of 2016 who burn the stage

  1. Joan Jett

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This sexy singer is as good-looking as she is talented. Her deep raspy voice can change to smooth and beautiful depending upon her choice of hard rocks or ballads. From the age of fifteen to the ripe age of 54, she continues to captivate hearts.

  1. Amy Lee

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She has a great voice and is a classically trained pianist, guitarist and also plays the harp to perfection. No wonder then that her fan following continues to grow in leaps and bounds.


  1. Tina Turner

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This beautiful lady is a multi-talented singer, dancer actress and author. She has ruled the roost for a very long time.

  1. Alecia Beth Moore

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One of the best singers in history to have the strongest voice ever and captives her listeners instantly. Her nick name is PINK.

  1. Floor Jansen

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Of Dutch origin, this pretty singer has a most versatile voice, is a great singer and also happens to be a vocal coach.