Top 5 celebrities who had most embarrassing moments of Hollywood

  1. Sally Field’s Oscar acceptance speech

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Actress Sally Field became extremely emotional at receiving an Oscar and her overenthusiastic and near hysterical speeches remains one of the most hilarious moments in Hollywood ever. She also must have felt awkward watching the repeat telecast later on.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence

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As the actress won the Best Actress Oscar at the 2013 ceremony the most memorable moment also become highly awkward. She caught her foot in her expensive Dior gown and managed to fall face first on the stage before getting up on it!


  1. Paris Hilton

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 The beautiful and blonde actress made some not so diplomatic remarks about homosexuals in cab and was caught. Her controversial comments were audible loud and clear in audiotapes which were exclusively acquired by


  1. Justin Bieber

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His fans were amazed and not pleasantly so when during a stage show in 2012, the star threw up onstage.  It happened in Phoenix.

  1. Madonna

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The electrifying diva may have been a killer in the looks department. However she kinda ruined things when she slipped and fell onstage during her performance at the Super Bowl show halftime in 2012.