Tinder Social launched in India, USA, UK and other select countries


Tinder Social, a new social networking app has been launched in a few countries, including India. The other countries where this app has been launched are UK, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.


Image source: tech.firstpost.com

Tinder is a social networking app that will allow people the ability to create groups, plan activities, meet new people and chat with friends. The app would focus on encouraging people to make new connections and meeting people with shared interests. Apart from chatting in your own group, you may also view other groups and chat with them if interested. You may also merge two groups.


Image source: allevents.in

A user of Tinder can add up to 3 friends to a particular group, for which you may assign status and pictures. But at a time you may belong to only one group. The creator of the group also has the option of deleting or expiring the group. It is expected that all these features would actually attract many users to the app.

The app was launched in Australia for the test run, and it was seen that the feature was adopted well by the people in Australia. The app basically helped people make connections and then plan meet in a better way. You make connections through Tinder and then go out to the world, to meet the person in real. The app encourages people to expand their social circle and to plan their meet and interact. The app will make chatting, meeting and dating more exciting.

When launched for testing in Australia, the major problem that the app faced that it switched on by default. But with it official launch this problem has been solved and users may choose to opt-in and out of the app.

After the successful testing of the app, Tinder has been rolled out in 5countries. People of these countries can easily download and use this app, and connect with their friends and groups. The latest version of Tinder is called Tinder Social.

The company is counting a lot on the Indian market, as they consider it to be the largest market in Asia. But one has to wait and see that how the app is accepted in India.