You must have heard about the saying that ‘smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone.’ Well it is a known fact that laughter is the best medicine and indeed why not? In this daily life of tensions and challenges, smiling and laughing do tend to provide some much needed relief. But do you know that the way you are smiling can also be a dead giveaway of your personality traits?

Some people get dimples when they smile and that can be a real turn on for the people of the opposite sex. But here are the various types of smiles for you to know your own kind of smile!

1 The Duchenne smile

This smile has been named after the French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne. It involves your eye and mouth muscles and your eyes are crinkled as you crack this smile. This is a very spontaneous and natural smile with crinkling of your eyes and happens only in occasions of joys. It makes you a warm and kind person.

  1. The closed lip smile

Smiling over firmly closed lips and not flashing your teeth is not exactly natural but can be a great way to show your feelings. This kind of smile is not exactly demonstrative of joy or happiness but may be a sign that your friend has a secret and does not want to give it away.

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There are many kinds of smiles, sneers and even taunting smiles. People give away various facets of their nature with their smile.