The MoU’s and Agreement signed during the visit of Prime Minister of Mauritius to India

Few days before, the prime minister of Mauritius signed various MoUs and agreements with Indian cabinet ministry on 27th May of 2017 during his state visit to India. Among several agreements and MoUs the most highlighting issues would be the initiatives of establishing Civil Services College in Mauritius, Maritime Security, collaboration in several fields with the motive of boosting the nation’s infrastructure.


MoU signed by Mr. Navtej Sarna, External Affairs Minister of India and Mr. Sateeaved Seebaluck, Secretary to the Cabinet of Mauritius.

Detailed reports on MoUs and Agreement Signed between the two country officials

  1. Memorandum in Field of Ocean Economy

As per the MoU, both countries will co-operate in the development of the Indian Ocean Region. The framework in the co-operation will boost the economy status of both the countries by improving its technological aspects and by exchanging the expert’s activities in Indian Ocean.

  1. Cultural Co-Operations

This agreement will enhance the bonds and people to people participants in-between the two nations. It will leads toward the exchange of cultural troupes, conducting cultural exhibitions and so.

  1. Agricultural Co-operation

The department of Agriculture from India and the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food of Mauritius set the new protocol by which importation of fresh Mango in between the two nations.

  1. MoU of Transportation Facilities

The Memorandum in between the two nation’s officials leads to the proper understanding and improvements on transportation. This will enhance the Sea and Air form of transportation in between the two countries, even to the outer Island of the nations.

  1. MoU in Health and Medicine

The MoU in Health and Medicine will boost the co-operation in-between the two nations in the field of traditional systems of Medicine and Homeopathy. MoU created with the Intention of promoting and popularizing the traditional systems of the nations.