The 5 best hikes in Hong Kong


1. Tai Mo Shan

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Tai Mo Shan translates to Big Hat Mountain rises in the Central New Provinces of Hong Kong. To reach the base camp hikers would need to start at the Maclehose Trail and hike up the Needle Hill. Down the trail to Lead Mine Pass and that the base camp site for the high mountain of Tai Mo Shan.

2. Sunset Peak & Lantau Peak

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Lantau trail starts from Nam Shan and the trail winds up a hill that ends on the table top plateau formation. Sunset Peak the point called as gives the hiker a mesmerizing view of the plains below. A short walk would also lead to a point where visitor can see the Lantae Peak the highest mountain top in Hong Kong.

3. Pat Sin Leng

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In the border regions with China, some of the best hiking trails are available in Hong Kong. There is the range of hills which go by the translated name of “Ridge of the eight Immortals”, derived from a Chinese mythology. The hike is both engrossing and immersive due the view of nature that presents in this area.

4. Tai Long Wan


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Stage 2 of the Malchose trail commences at the end of the Sai Kung Man Yee Road. The trail up hill is serene and takes the hiker close to nature. Once across the hill the Long Ke beach comes into view. Downhill trail is as lovely as the uphill.

5. The Dragon’s Back

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Hiking along the ridge called Dragon’s Back is the most popular trail for hikers in all of Hong Kong. The trail provides a beautiful view of the south side of the island. Reaching the trail is from To Tei Wan point which is lying on the Shek O road.