Luckily the annual world body painting festival will plan to celebrate its 20th birthday at the new venue on Austria, the Worthersee Lake in the Klagenfurt in the year of 2017, July 28 to 30. In fact more than 50 countries artists are participated in this festival and July 24 onwards pre-festival activities will start. Actually body painting festival was created in the year of 1998 and now this festival is considered as the top international festival. Sometimes it has self-titled as “biggest bodybuilding event on the earth”. In a modern world most of the people are interested to watch this festival because of imaginative artworks. Actually excellent and imaginative artworks are painted on the human body with the help of innovative techniques. At the same time world bodybuilding festival is gaining more popularity because of its music scene. There are numerous numbers of the attracting performers participated in this festival from reggae and hip-hop to the country and dance hall. This year WBF will plan to run under the theme of “A fusion of the beats and bodies”.


To know about the open air art park

In fact competitors in the BWF start their creations under the look of spectators in outdoor “art park” which is nicknamed body paint city. Actually awards are presented throughout the weekend which might be divided into the three categories such as amateur awards, world awards and special awards. In this year, more than 200 artist teams are participated in this festival and this festival also includes different kinds of markets, exhibitions, participatory workshops and arts projects. Actually WB academy is provided the intensive course which is really useful to the beginner to understand the basic bodypaint art and this course starts from “airbrush for beginners” to the “painted clothes” and “Cosplay decoration materials for bodybuilding”.