Tesla and Make in India: A roadway to cleaner and greener India


The information that has been doing rounds is that Tesla car models might just churn out from Indian lands, if everything goes right. Modi government has been eagerly hoping for this to happen.

Few months back, Modi has visited the Tesla factory in San Francisco for some talks. And now Nitin Gadkari, the Transport and Highway Minister of India, has met the Tesla executives in order to join hands in the efforts to make and adopt pollution free road transport.

On his visit to the Telsa factory, Transport and Highways Minister has also proposed to the CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, to consider India as the company’s Asian manufacturing assembly hub. Gadkari has assured to the Telsa CEO that he will provide lands near major Indian ports to the company so that it will be easy for the company to export materials to the South East Asian countries.


Image source: www.autocarpro.in

Gadkari talked about Modi’s proposal with the Telsa executives and offered to promote JVs between Tesla and Indian automobile companies. He said that this proposal would help promoting pollution free transports in India. Modi aims on having pollution free commercial and public vehicles which would include buses, two-wheelers, cars and trucks.


Image source: indianexpress.com

Responding to all this, Tesla said that it appreciates the proposal made by India and would surely consider it. But reports also say that Telsa have been in talks with their partners in China, and plans on building a manufacturing unit there. It is also being said the Musk is looking forward to signing a deal with Shanghai.

Partnering with a company as Telsa, which manufactures electrical vehicle, is of great opportunity to countries like India and China as they have high-level pollution. India still hopes for some positive reply from the company. Having a manufacturing plant of a company like Telsa would be a way of decreasing vehicles which are not eco-friendly.

After the visit of the Indian Prime Minister to Tesla factory, India joined a list of countries that took pre-orders for the Tesla’s Model 3. Since then India has been in touch with Tesla, so that Telsacan set a unit in India.