Suicide Bomb and Gun Attack in Tehran

Adding to the recent diplomatic crisis in the Middle East Countries, yesterday the Iran’s capital Tehran faced devastating terror attacks. Multiple attack carried on last Wednesday has rocked the capital city and it forced to lock down all the roads and streets. The attack was apparently carried on the Iran’s parliament and at the tomb of the Ruhollah Khomeini who considered as the revolutionary leader. As the result of the twin terror attack held at the capital city of the Iran, news are quoting that at least 12 people might be killed and several injured.


Terror Plot on Tehran

As per the statement released by officials of the Iran’s revolutionary guards, they pointed the regional rival of Saudi Arabia behind the twin terror attack in the city. However, the Islamic State group claimed the responsibility for the both the attacks carried at the Iran’s capital city.

On the suicide attack carried at Iran’s parliament complex, a security guard and other person killed. According to the news reports, it is identified that 4 members are intruded into the Tehran’s parliament with deadly weapons, among those 4 members one blew himself on the fourth floor of the parliament office.

On other incident, a gardener from the khomeini’s mausoleum reported that there were several people were injured during the armed persons entered into the grounds by firing. One of the women suicide bombers blew herself during the attack and another woman caught with 6 grenades.

Unfolded Parliament Session

It is reported that parliament session which are carried in the house was uninterrupted and the live footage confirms that elected members continuous their routine business in the house even though there are heavy gun battles going around the parliament house.

Due to the increasing pressure on the IS groups and faced a significant loss in their terror, the IS published  a rare video few months ago in Persia which points that they will conquer Iran and restore Sunni Muslim nation just like the past. Now the twin terror plot is referred as the move taken by the IS group according to the video message.

Political Plot

It is to notify that, the terror attack at the Iran’s capital taken place a week after the visit of the U.S president Trump who meet almost all Muslim leaders of Middle East and demanded Muslim states to fight against the terrorism. Followed which Qatar has faced severe diplomatic bans and crisis from its neighboring countries.