Leading Textile merchants in Gujarat closed their textile shop for the second day today as the part of a strike of three days in opposition to 5% GST even as Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi prepares to visit the state of Gujarat to inaugurate a textile event on June 30.

There are many major cloth markets throughout the cities of Gujarat. Some of these cloth market locations are Rajkot, Ahmadabad, Surat and Bhavnagar. These cloth markets remain shut in disapproval against 5% GST on textiles.

Textile merchants of Gujarat will make a decision about an extension of the stir after the last meeting of GST Councils on June 30.  Even though the three-day protest ends before the final assembly of GST Councils on June 30, textile merchants have an idea to extend the protest when the Government of India does not decide on the scrapping 5% GST on textiles.

Textile India 2017

The Prime Minister will inaugurate the event namely Textile India 2017 incidentally on June 30. This four-day mega fair will be conducted at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar. This extraordinary fair will attract more than 1500 exhibitors throughout the nation and from the abroad.

Protesting merchants have bought stalls for this event over a month back. They have an idea to contribute to participate in it. Maskati Kapad Mahajan is the body of cloth traders of Ahmadabad.  Gaurang Bhagat is the President of this body of cloth traders.


image: dayafterindia.com

GST makes no sense

In general, textile sector would not levy any tax like service tax, excise and VAT. Thus, GST makes no sense. Traders in this competitive sector do not have any training regarding the GST and penalty for non-compliance. They were not given required time for GST compliance. Some traders only have registered on the GST network so far. All efforts of traders in strike are to resolve overall issues with the GST council.