The US Company SpaceX today opened a new chapter in the space race with the successful launch of the giant Falcon Heavy rocket, a step forward in its plans to take man to Mars. 

The Falcon Heavy is like a version with steroids of Falcon 9, another ingenuity of Space X, which transported its first cargo in space in 2010. It has the same height as its predecessor (about 70 meters) but the central propeller has been added others two additional, and in total there are 27 engines that triple the propulsion at takeoff.

With Musk’s red Tesla on board and a mannequin in a spacesuit, the rehearsal of the huge rocket captured the attention of the world.

The live broadcast of SpaceX showed an image of the car travelling to space with the phrase “Do not panic” at the wheel, while the song “Space Oddity” by David Bowie sounded in the background.

On the other hand, the current conditions of the car, which will go through unprotected harsh conditions of space, are not clear. If the Tesla survives, it could enter the Mars-Earth orbit around the Sun, on a journey that could last billions of years, SpaceX explained.

The takeoff took place at 2045 GMT, only 15 minutes before the launch window closed, after being postponed twice due to strong winds.

The Falcon Heavy of Space X, considered the world’s most powerful operating rocket has successfully completed its first release. This Tuesday at 15.45 in the afternoon local time, and after delaying the launch up to four times due to the wind at altitude, the rocket has taken off from launch platform 39A of the John F Space Center Kennedy, in Florida

According to experts, NASA is especially interested in this release, as it could consider using Falcon Heavy to accelerate its plans to return to the Moon, for the first time since 1972.

SpaceX, which has already significantly reduced costs and revolutionized the ecosystem of space launches by returning its launchers to Earth, now wants to inaugurate a new era in the conquest of space.

Musk assured that this is only a previous step to an even more powerful rocket. In the areas set up to watch the launch at the Kennedy Centre, thousands of people jumped when seeing how the aircraft left the platform