SpaceX has fulfilled requirements of client Iridium, the most renowned global satellite telecommunications provider, by launching another Falcon 9 in 48 hours. This satellite takes off from the Vandenberg Air Force of SpaceX in California on Sunday as per the Iridium-2 mission. There are 10 satellites predetermined to become the main part of the NEXT constellation of Iridium. This element will comprise 75 satellites totally in SpaceX. Iridium says that this successful satellite launch will let everyone on earth to get in touch with each other anywhere else on the globe.

Success despite tricky conditions

SpaceX has successfully managed to land the first stage of Falcon on the ocean-borne landing barge with the autonomous nature regardless of tricky conditions. Elon Musk is SpaceX founder and noted that Just Read Instructions had to be change the position at a late stage because extreme climate that would result in ever-decreasing possibilities of a successful recovery.

SpaceX another Falcon 9 for Bulgaria Sat

Another Falcon 9 was successfully launched by the SpaceX for client Bulgaria Sat. The rocked used for the first Iridium launch of the SpaceX is used for this mission. The SpaceX recovered the first stage aboard its Of Course I Still Love You, Atlantic Ocean drone ship one again.


The second stage of Falcon 9 deployed all 10 of the Iridium NEXT satellites to relevant orbits targeted. The overall mission of the SpaceX is success as expected by everyone in this team. The latest technologies especially related to telecommunications enhance the digital aspects of the world beyond doubt.