South Korea’s new leader willing to visit North Korea for calm down the nuclear missile tension

South Korea’s newly elected liberal president Mr. Moon Jae-in sworn to his leadership on last Wednesday. Well, it not an easy for any leader to handle the current situation prevailing in the Korean peninsula region. The new president Moon Jae-in is willing to visit North Korea in order to release the tension prevailing in better the rival nation North Korea.

In his first speech after becoming the president of South Korea, Mr. Moon pointed that he will be ready to do all the sufficient effort on negotiating the talk with Beijing, US and also with the North Korea. And also he is keen to make things easy with the U.S. Missile defense system which has been already placed in the South Korean region.

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On congratulating over the victory of presidential election, Mr. Trump talked with Mr. Moon in the phone call also he agrees with the peace initiatives of Moon. As per the presidential office new, it is stated that the U.S president has invited the new leader of South Korea to visit Washington on a friendly trip.

While pointing the incident, the white house released the note as North Korea’s nuclear problem in something typical which can be resolved with suitable circumstance. However, there won’t be any tiff in-between the alliance strength of South Korea and the United States. On the other hand, though North Korea likely welcome the Moon’s election results over the presidential race, yet their state media no mentioned any news about his victory on past Wednesday.