South Korea President says ’High Possibility’ of conflict with North Korea

SOUTH Korea’s new President has cautioned of a “high possibility” of war with North Korea after the discreet state released another missile analyse.North Korea has been obvious in its desire to create a nuclear-tipped missile able of striking the US.

The feedback comes just days after North Korea examined its newest missile, which was described by experts as it’s most successful so far, and one that the North said was able of holding a huge atomic warhead.


Moon added that South Korea was ready and able to get back should the North, which he said seemed to be quickly improving its missile and atomic abilities, attack first. North Korea has made no secret of its work to create a nuclear-tipped missile able of striking the United States and has ignored phone calls medicines it’s atomic and missile programs, even from China, its only major friend.

On Sunday, Pyongyang performed its newest ballistic missile release in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions, saying it was a analyse of its capacity to carry a “large-size heavy atomic warhead.” The Security Council criticised the quality.

“Launching ballistic missiles is a serious provocation that goes against UN Security Council resolutions, as well as being a serious task to global peace and stability. We will never accept such North Korean provocations and atomic risks.”

The feedback came hours after the Southern, who serves 28,500 US soldiers, said it wanted to reopen a route of conversation in a bid to control in its fake neighbour. South Korea has cautioned the newest landmark in Kim Jong-un’s weaponry program symbolises a significant advancement in its abilities.