When it comes to the Bluetooth speakers taking the technological market by storm, the Sony SRS-XB30 is definitely one to be reckoned with.  It may not be the largest of its kind around but it definitely does deliver loud and clear quality audio effects or sound. The best part is the loud sound made by the portable Bluetooth speaker as it is very convenient for the user.

Other details and features

The bass can be put on and off as per your personal choice. Of course this Bluetooth speaker is meant for all the people who enjoy thumping bass. The weight of this Sony SRS XB30 is not even a kilogram. The length is of nine inches and it is quite visually appealing with a finish of matt rubber. The extra bass mode is turned on and the rubberized finish aids the dock to hold onto the surfaces.  Thus it is pretty helpful.


image: ebay.com

The dock provides also a pretty impressive light show to match the bass and it goes well in providing splendid music.  For party animals and music lovers, this is the best part as it provides the lighting effects one may expect in a nightclub or a disco.  For EDM or electronic dance music lovers it would be simply great since visuals are there with the music.  You can also long press the Extra Bass button to turn off the distracting stuff or for battery conservation. Enjoy music with the Sony SRS XB30 with a battery life of twenty four hours.