With a release date scheduled on 2018,  PlayStation 5, different analysts are making various speculations as to how powerful could this machine eventually turn out to be. PS5 will have an internal memory of 16GB which will be double of the earlier released gaming consoles and will also contain 5GB RAM which will be featured with 3D X Point Memory and 3D Stacked Technologies. Rumor has it that the Playstation 5 is set to get a new controlling system, but one fails to see how. DualShock 4 is by and far presumably one of the best controllers and there hardly has arisen any scope in this area to make any sort of improvement. Sony’s concentration has essentially been about offering 4K visuals and PS5 should be capable of delivering native 4K gaming at 60 frames per second. Bandwidth would certainly be an issue of concern for the PS5 and Sony would definitely have to make some major decisions regarding the media that this console would utilize. Meanwhile, analysts feel that Sony could consider including a hybrid HDD / SSD setup in the PS5, which would serve the purpose of speeding up storage massive games. PS5 definitely promises a unique gaming experience.


Image: Youtube.com