Sikh shot in US: Shocked community leader lauds probe

Worry, harm and shock considered the challenge of those who collected at a Sikh temple Sunday after the shooting of a Sikh man who said a gunman contacted him in his suburban Seattle driveway and informed him “go back again to your own nation.”

“Everybody who is a component of this community needs to be cautious,” Satwinder Kaur, a Sikh community leader, said as hundreds of individuals added into a temple in Renton for worshipping about one distance from Friday night’s shooting.

The Sikh man remained harmed after he was taken at Kent by an unidentified man dressed in a cover up.

Image source: GG2.Net

She, however, indicated her fulfillment on the reaction from the Kent Police chief.

“I was very satisfied with his reaction,” she said. She included that the chief was able to respond the concerns put by the press. Showing her pleasure with the continuous research, Kaur said that she was prepared to see what comes out it.

“We had a shooting here at Kent today against a Sikh person, a dislike criminal activity, FBI and Kent police is analysing it right now,” she said.

“We have got the assistance from our community leaders, community authorities, Kent police departments which create us experience better about the scenario and we plan on to host events and rallies and better inform them who we are and in just with solidarity with everybody inclusiveness and variety,” Kaur included.

She requested everyone to be cautious and report if they observe something dubious.