Shiv Sena likely to back NDA President Nominee

In fact Shiv Sena could be suggested the name of RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat and he is the NDA candidate for the presidential polls. At the same time Sena recommended the name of MS Swaminathan who is the father of green Revolution. As everyone knows Shiv Sena is alienated ally of ruling BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) at center and he supports the NDA in upcoming presidential election. In fact Shiv Sena is broken away from the NDA in the year of 2007 presidential election. Basically Sena is fully falling out of line that was embarrassing for BJP and NDA. At the same time Shiv also took the alibi so that Shekhawat was the independent candidates so he is not the official NDA choice. In the past presidential election, Shiv Sena went against the BJP packed candidate. In fact Shiv is proposed the name of Mohan Bhagwat as the NDA presidential nominee but he refused to enter the race. Actually the party is proposed the name of Swaminathan but there is no response from him. Sharad Pawar for president might be the Sena largest recommendation and he wanted to be ally BJP to back the Nationalist Congress Party chief.


Factor to know about Shiv Sena

The support from the Alkalis and Sena support might be fully depending on who is their candidate and Yechury pointed that Sena might get support from the congress.  In fact most of the people are suggesting his name and presidential election might be held at July 2. In fact gap between the allies, with Sena and BJP facing certain types of the issues which include farmer agitation as well as domonetisation. Actually Shah and Fadnavis announced that BJP might be prepared for the midterm poll at Maharashtra but his name is not available in the list.