Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican treasurer and senior catholic person in the Australian country has facing tough times now. There has been sex offences filed against him and the respective investigating authorities conveyed that there has been more than person who reports allegations against Cardinal George Pell.

As per the reports suggested in the top media, the church management and the pope are forced to be in uncomfortable situation over the allegation filled against the Cardinal Pell. For information, the Cardinal Pell who is at the age of 76 from the Vatican City is considered as the 3rd ranking officials in the nation.

Cardinal George Pell was given leave by the pope in order to fight with the allegation filed against him in the court. On responding to the issue, Mr. Pell stated that, he finally has his own day in court to meet those false allegations. He also added that for the past two years he has been to “relentless character assassination” by submitting false allegation to investigating authorities.

However, the investigation authority commissioner Shane Patton has clearly pointed that there has been several allegations made against him by more than one person in short time period.

In general, the catholic churches worldwide are facing hard times in recent years over the sex oriented allegation among their priests and also they continues to claims those charges are covered up against them.


As far the details gathered by the trusted sources, it is noted that the Cardinal Pell who facing multiple allegations will appear in Melbourne Magistrates ‘court on upcoming 18th of July. At the same time, the magistrate will decide about releasing the allegation details and the nature of the charges filed against Cardinal George Pell after his appearances. It’s not the first time that Pell facing such sex offences, he had it in his early days too during 1970s.