As the digital world yet to recover from the shock created by the Ransomware attacked, now it facing the second major cyber attack. With respect to the reports cited in major media, it is believed that the virus first hit the Ukraine and starts spreading all over the world. For the past two days, the entire world is on havoc over the second virus attack in two months.

Impact of the recent virus attack

So far, the new virus has created a chaos in over 60 countries and it is strongly believed that the numbers will increase further. Due to the spread of this new virus several ports were blocked right from the Mumbai to Los Angeles. Apart from that, the newly spreading virus has halted the entire manufacturing in a chocolate company factory in Australia. Since, the virus mainly spreads with the software relating to accounts; majority of the ports becomes the victims easily. The Danish shipping giant A.P Moller-Maersk is disrupted because of this new virus attack which resulting the complete shutdown of the cargo.

All you need to know about the new virus attack

The new virus which starts to spread all over the world has been named as the Golden Eye or Petya. According to the reports suggested by the cyber police and experts, the virus starts to hit the systems of the visitors of a local news site and also system in which users downloads the updates of the popular tax accounting package.


It seems like the attackers followed the same footprint of the previous attacker who spread the Ransomware few weeks ago. Now, the new attackers demands $300 on the victims to get their affected systems get back to normal. These types of cyber attack raise severe doubts on the cyber safety among the internet users.