Saudi Arabia revokes the license of Qatar Airways

After the visit of U.S President Mr. Trump to the gulf regions, the announcement of the Saudi Arabia on revoking the Qatar airways license in its territory is concerned a big issue in the middle ease Muslim countries.


Mr. Trump’s Visit

On last month, Mr. Trump visited the gulf region and discussed security issues with over 50 Muslim leaders from various middle ease Muslim countries. After the few weeks, the several countries from the middle ease includes, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and also the Yemen have announced a bold statement of cutting all the diplomatic ties with the Qatar owing to its suspected action of supporting terror groups by finance.

Action taken against Qatar

In response to the extreme political scenario, the Saudi Arabia has announced the revoking its permit to Qatar airways to shut down its all operations in its region within next 48 hours. And also it’s ordered all the Qatar citizens to leave nation within next 14 days after implementing the ban on its own citizens to visit Qatar.

As far as the announcement came from the general authority of civil aviation, the license provided to the Qatar airways in the kingdom has been cancelled without any dispute and the airways must close all its branches in the kingdom within next 48 hours. Also, it urged all the passengers to seek the official web site of the airline or to contact respective travel agents to perform the ticket cancellation process and to get through the refund procedures.

In addition to airways shutdown, the kingdom also closed down its border with Qatar which results blocking all its tie ups. The nations, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain have suspended all its flights to and from Qatar in respect to the diplomatic boycott.

Trouble for Qatar Airways

After the suspension, Qatar airway facing lot of trouble as it has small amount of air space which is relative to its land surface area. So far, Qatar airways largely depend upon the Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE’s air space for its operations. Now, after the ban over the political boycott literally Qatar airways have been grounded, as it supposed to encircle Africa-bound flights to get accesses to the banned air spaces surrounded the Qatar region.

While inquiring about the political boycott and how the Qatar airways to face those airspace challenges no comments are yet to be received by the officials.